Debbie Buchman, R.E.

Electrolysis has been practiced for more than 130 years. It is the only 100% hair removal method that is approved by the FDA and the AMA. Through the years the technology has become highly sophisticated, requiring the skill of a licensed professional. Permanent hair removal is achieved by inserting a fine probe into the natural opening of the hair follicle and distributing a measured amount of electrical current. Each time a follicle is treated more hair germ cells are destroyed. The most destruction is attained when the hair is treated during its growing stage. With each treatment the hair will become finer, lighter in color and the re-growth will be slower. Ultimately, the hair follicle will close and will no longer be able to produce a hair.

• Graduate of Electrology Institute of New England
• Recipient of the Phyllis P. Bellino Scholarship
• Member of the Massachusetts Association of Electrologists, Inc.
• Member of the American Electrology Association, Inc.
Methods of Treatment:
Galvanic\Direct Current
Destroys the hair follicle by a chemical reaction using your body’s salt and water. Sodium hydroxide is formed and destroys the growing cells of the hair root and follicle.
Thermolysis\Alternating Current
Destroys the hair follicle by heat and coagulation. The passage of the high frequency current produces heat which destroys the hair root.

Destroys the hair follicle through the dual process of heat from thermolysis and the chemical reaction from galvanic.